Sunday, September 12, 2010

Finding the Enjoyable Moments

Some days it's nice just to think about the times I laughed with my kiddos.

1.  As I stood in the hallway waiting to pass out lunch cards to students coming out of the bathroom I heard an eruption of laughter from the boys bathroom.  Since I have a very strict set of hallway and bathroom procedures in place and the principal was walking toward us down the hall, I quickly walked into the doorway of the bathroom ready to lay down the law.  But when you walk in to see a third grade boy rubbing his head and staggering back to his feet you just wait for him to explain.  And when he informs you that someone must have locked the door and then crawled back under, which caused him to head-butt the door on his attempt to enter the stall, you have to giggle too.  Quickly followed by the reminder that it is best to open doors with hands not heads, of course.

2.  It's never too fun to have a walkthrough, it does give you a bit of a rush, but at the same time I really just enjoy the uninterrupted moments with my students.  It is really not fun to see an administrator walk in while you are struggling to make a Smart Board activity work the correct way.  However I brushed it off and allowed my students to laugh with me by stating, "Well Mrs. P this number is just not dragging the way it is supposed to so we are going to have to think on our feet!"  The kids really enjoy when something does not go as planned!

3.  I always love funny kid quotes and almost daily have them as my facebook status, but this one is good enough to share twice.  "Hey Mrs. Davenport!  Don't only boys have Jack Apples?"  "You mean Adam's Apples?"  "Yeah, that's what I meant."

Gotta love the laughter!

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