Sunday, August 8, 2010

New to Me

I have been reading a lot of great teacher blogs over the years and now that I have my first year under my belt I thought that I too could share my experiences.  I've been busy trying to get my classroom organized, clean, and ready for students this week and definitely want to share a classroom tour but until that is finished I thought I'd repost a random list about myself that I created on facebook in February 2009.  I updated some of the information so that this will give you a taste of who I am as a person.

1. I have had the name of my son picked out for the last 4 years. I better have a boy!

2. When I start reading a good book I usually can’t participate in life until I’m done. I read each Harry Potter book completely the day that I got them, and over Christmas Break read the entire Twilight series in 5 days (and it took me so long because I was trying to track down the next book each time I finished one).

3. I HAVE to follow rules or I feel really guilty. If I catch myself speeding I usually slow down to below the speed limit to make up for it. (Unless I’m running really late).

4. Kyle was the first and only boy I’ve ever kissed.

5. I love board games and get really mad when people are not as engaged in playing them as I am.

6. I’m very shy and soft spoken, but have strong opinions that I’m usually shouting at you in my head.

7. I like to live vicariously through television shows. Since I don’t like breaking rules I usually like the shows where characters are naughty.

8. I prefer the company of preschoolers to most adults. For this reason I will still sit at the kid’s table at family events.

9. I always planned on becoming obese, but have now decided that it wouldn’t be very fun.

10. I wish life were as simple as the Andy Griffith show, which I love.

11. I keep waking up in the morning with the songs my kindergartners sang everyday stuck in my head. I would like for this to stop.

12. I can name a majority of the WWE Monday Night Raw wrestlers. I wish I couldn’t, but almost six years dating Kyle has led to many things.

13. I probably laugh at the dirty jokes you tell me, but have to ask Kyle at a later time what they really mean. Some of you are really sick by the way.

14. I have a mother who is almost completely deaf, that I used to mouth off to all the time as a pre-teen, but now I’m a good kid.

15. I am extremely lazy. I usually wait for someone else to get up and then ask them to do something for me before doing it myself. Sorry guys!

16. I had a crush on the same guy from second grade until freshman year of high school and have a stash of notebooks that have Mrs. Brittany Davenport written all over them to prove it. Ironically that is what my name is, even though I’m married to  a different guy.

17. I like Dance Dance Revolution and Rock Band, even though I suck at both of them!

18. I would love to have three kids, except the thought of childbirth makes me want to vomit.

19. I hate feet! And don’t even think about touching me with yours now that you know this. I’m not afraid to hit, and I hit hard, just ask any of my friends.

20. I have extreme patience that sometimes works against me. Once when I had a doctor’s appointment it was scheduled under a misspelled name and the receptionist asked me to have a seat while she checked with the doctor about squeezing me in. An hour later I decided I better check in with her and she had completely forgot about me and I had to come back the next day!

21. I have to wait until the absolute last minute before I do anything. No matter how important it is. I must have the pressure of a deadline in order to function.

22. I hate listening to voicemails, so just don’t leave them. I usually won’t even check them, I’ll see your missed call and just call you back.

23. I hate the sound of my own voice when I see videotapes of myself. How do you guys listen to me all the time and not want to claw your eyes out?

24. I cry a lot. Except at my own proposal, which really was tear worthy. Sorry Kyle!

25. I’m pretty sure I have ADD, but since I did so well in school my teachers just didn’t notice. But chances are when you talk to me, my mind is somewhere else completely. Especially if you are boring.

Well I hope that helps!  Hopefully you didn't learn more than you wanted to!

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