Monday, August 16, 2010

Just My Luck

It has really just been one of those days today.  Here are three reasons why:

1.  Last night moments before bed our lap-top (or should I say my computer) underwent a tragic fall.  This was supposed to fall into our accidental insurance which Kyle had renewed via chat with a Dell rep a few months ago, but it wasn't the case.  When he contacted Dell they told him he did not renew the accidental insurance but purchased a hardware insurance instead, so basically we are screwed.  It was very upsetting because we had the printed off conversation and the reps name that we had talked to but even supervisors were unwilling to help us.  Frustrating!!!

So Kyle decided to try and doctor the laptop himself.  He smartly used a cord to plug the laptop into our desktop monitor so we could see if only the screen was broken on the laptop, and we thought that was going to work, it pulled up the black screen with options like start windows normally or last good configuration.  But when we tried to arrow to our choice the keypad appeared not to work either.  It tried to start windows normally and in the process a blue screen popped up and said Physical Memory Dump...Completed.  Ahhh!  All of my summer preperations for my class were gone!  Total Nightmare!  Let's just say all of this happening before bed did not make for a restful nights  sleep.

2.  We had more back to school pre-service meetings today.  We had a school-wide meeting from 8:30-10:00, then my grade met informally to discuss common rules and consequences from 10:00-12:00.  We were given a 45 minute lunch break and then we were supposed to be back to school for a grade-level meeting with our administrators at 12:45.  My team decided we would eat at the local Mexican restaurant because they always have incredibly speedy service.  Except today.  We were there for close to 15 minutes before our waiter came by to take our drink orders.  Luckily we were all ready and placed our food order at the same time, or we would have really been in trouble!  By the time we all had our drinks we decided we should call the school and let them know that we were  going to be late.  The secretary informed us that the administrators were still in another  meeting so she was unable to deliver the message at that time.  This caused us to make the decision that we would just ask for our orders to go. But the language barrier made this quite the process.  By the time we were given our food, placed it in go boxes ourselves, received go cups, and plastic silverware (each of which took multiple tries by our poor, confused waiter) it was 5 til 1, making us 10 minutes late.  Oops!

3.  After all of our rushing around at the restaurant, and feeling like we were in for a "talkin' to" our administrators were so behind with other meetings that our team hadn't been called to the conference room yet.  We were told to work in our classrooms until they were ready.  They weren't ready until 3:00 (which by the way, was supposed to be our dismissal time)!!!

Nonetheless, the day wasn't all bad either.  Here are three reasons why:

1.  I woke up at my new time of 6:00 on the dot and immediately opened my bible and read one passage of Romans and had a quick moment in prayer.  Then after my shower, as I got ready I listened to a Joyce Meyer podcast on controlling my mouth (always a great message on a day with administrator meetings).

2.  A student who is unable to come to tomorrow night's open house stopped by with his mom to meet me and drop off his school supplies.  He seems like a really great personality and his involved mother seems will be a great asset to the classroom!

3.  Kyle took the laptop to BCS Computers ( a locally owned shop) and the guy is going to be able to recover almost all of my documents.  He said a few photos are corrupt but that the documents all looked good.  Yeah!

It all just goes to show:  When I start the day with the Lord in mind, no matter what negativity is thrown my way, I can end up feeling like I had a successful day!

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